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Holy Shiz!

Wow, so, I'm officially pregnant. 8 weeks this weekend. I have to say that I have dreamed of this time in my life for, well, all of it? I was the little girl in the second grade who when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up responded with "a mommy!". Now, here I am.

I think I may have spent most of my time lingering on this idea of how amazing pregnancy must be that I overlooked the downsides to it. I mean, you know, not feeling so good =( But, I'm still 200% sure that in about 7 months, it will all be entirely worth it.

On top of it all, I have Ricky! He's the best husband a girl could could ever ask for or even dream about. He supports and agrees with my being a full-time mom. We both had stay at home moms growing up and strongly believe they make a huge difference in a child's life and educational development.  A lot of husbands aren't as sympathetic when it comes to pregnancy. Ricky listens to my every complaint and helps me with everything! He treats my doctor appointments like his own and makes sure to go with me to every one. We had our first sonogram this week and heard the heartbeat and saw our lil Triflet! It's adorable already! lol. The doctor said the usual heartbeat is between 120-160 bpm. Triflet's was at 152 which is good. My next appt is on my birthday. I wanted to give myself the gift of hearing my Triflet's heartbeat again=)

My official due date is September 12, 2010....so I'm gonna be hugely pregnant in the summer. In Florida. Great. Hello sundresses, tank tops, and huge misting fans! But, at least I won't have to worry about looking fat when me and Kaesey go to the beach lol. So, I guess it's good-bye to BlueCross at the end of August! It's been a fast 6 years that brought me Ricky and now it's time for the next chapter!


Holy geez, it's been FOREVER since I posted on here.

First entry since being married! Yay!

Not much going on. Actually, there's a ton. Just nothing worth writing about. But, I'll just throw out my complete miserable-ness of going to work. I hate it. I've been at BCBSF for five years this December and as much as I hate it and want something new, I am scared to death of leaving. I love the flexibility of working the hours I want but I hate it sooo much. And, will I ever find such awesome benefits anywhere else?  Or anywhere near the same pay? Probably not. Guess I should stay through the end of the year though so they can reimburse me for my classes this upcoming semester. I say eff it. I'll go back to school and work towards an AA in education. Then, in a couple years, when I have a baby and am a stay at home mom...I'll work for the B.A. in Education or English. Not sure if I'd do elementary or secondary teaching but it seems like something I'd like and not to mention those summers off! I believe I'll be almost halfway done with the AA after this semester.

Other than that. I got nothin'.

While I'm mentioning having a kid, Ricky and I have previously agreed upon starting to try to conceive in the fall of 2010....so one more year.  I've been attempting to lose weight since after the wedding so I can be pre-baby ready. I don't wanna get pregnant when I'm huge and then everyone think I'm fat lol. I wanna be clearlyyyyy pregnant. Cute lil bump and all. And, losing weight might help me ovulate. Something I don't do now. I doubt I ever will without science stepping in since I didn't when I was skinnier yearssss ago. I'm down to a size 12 pretty much so this is the smallest I've been since I was 19. That's something. I wanna be at a 10 by March and possibly an 8 by next summer but I'll settle for a 10...that's what I was in high school. The 8 is just a bonus.

Ricky's been going back to school at UF for his second master's degree. This one is in science & entrepreneurship. He's always wanted to start his own business and hopes to complete that by his graduation next August. He also has his 30th birthday coming up in November so I'm thinking of things to do for that.

That is all for now.

Blah Blah Blah

Sissy's birthday was yesterday. She turned 26 which means that my 25th birthday is around the corner. I can't believe I'm going to be 25! I feel like the same 17 yr old that went to Mest and H20 shows and wrote letters to Ells in first period Science class about my "awesome" boyfriend. Hols! But, I guess I should be happy, about being 25 I mean....I got a terrific guy and will be married at 25 (something I REALLY wanted to be). Technically, I wanted to be married by 25 but two months after 25 will suffice lol.  Hopefully, within one year of getting hitched, Ricky and I will be seriously getting ready for a baby(ies) =) We've already agreed about it but hopefully, we'll be financially well off for me to stay home, as planned.

Ricky got a call today from a lady at Humana about a job. Something he applied for months ago but she wants to know if he's still interested. He's calling her back tomorrow, we're not sure of that pay range. He needs to leave BlueCross anyways, even if it's temporary.

The wedding is less that 5 months away! It's like...4 months away...unbelieveable. Still seems as though its so far away at the same time. My first actual fitting is in January so I'm anxious to hear what they say about my dress being so big and how much they can take it in. They can do what they need to but I am not gaining weight for it. I just noticed that I named my dress "Isabella" and that I am now obsessed with the Twilight series in which the lead character is also Isabella. Inneresting. I'll call Ricky's suit "Edward" lol. Oh, don't even get me started with Edward Cullen!!! ("I'm thinking 'Do me Edward, do me!!!" LOL!). I went with Kaesey to see it for the second time. I wish I could have the dvd already. Oh and the next movie and book to come out!

Oh, we went to New York City for 5 days with Ricky's family for Christmas. It was fun. I enjoyed the cold weather and I felt -6 for the first time. It's pretty unbearable. But, I do love the perks of Florida. Flip flops and all =) I always wanted to go to NYC for Xmas but honestly, since my dad died....and I don't know if it has that much to do with all of that.....I've just not really enjoyed Xmas. It's not what it used to be. My new favorite holiday is Valentine's Day which is funny cuz that used to be my absolute least favorite holiday. I've already began planning what I'm doing for Ricky for V-Day! Anyways, to me, Christmas is just so.....boring. I know that the only way I'm going to enjoy it again is when I have kids and can see their faces light up when they open presents and starting new traditions like making cookies for Santa to eat with them. For now, it just seems like the empty years...waiting for those future Christmas'.

'Tis all for now =)

Dec. 10th, 2008

Engagement pics are now posted on Facebook and Myspace =)

Here's a taste!


Annnnnndddddddd it's back on for May 15th, lol. This is my life! Is it May 15th or 29th? All day.

November 1st is quickly approaching! That's the New Kids on the Block concert! Yay! Me and Sissy will probably drive to Lauderdale and stay with our cousins since the plane tickets are frickin' $219/person now to fly there. And since we're coming back the next day...I don't think it's worth $219. So, telling my mom that news will make her crazy. I told her me and Kaesey were gonna drive to Lauderdale when we went on our cruise this last May and she flipped out. But, I think at nearly 25 and 26 years old...Sissy and I are capable of the drive, lol.

I told Sissy (who will be 26 in December) that after I turn 25 in March...we will officially be in our "mid to late twenties". Sooooo scary. I still feel like I'm 16 or something. That shit hit fast! But, I'm psyched because getting married and turning 25 means cheaper car insurance! Hellz yeah! When I first got car insurance at 19, it was over $300/mnth. It's down to $160/mnth but I've been waiting to turn 25, in that aspect, for awhile!

Ricky and I are having engagement pics done Monday! Yay! We're doing them at the beach. So, that should be cutttteeee and fun. My future sis in-law (hopefully) is the photographer.

Fall Semester...I'm crazy!

I wasn't going to take any classes until after the wedding next May....but I signed up for a couple this semester. One is Health Insurance Billing and started yesterday. It's only 8 weeks. It going to be like....ridiculously easy. The book is called Understanding Health Insurance. LOL. I've worked for the health insurance industry for almost 4 years now and deal with claims on a daily basis. They even have chapters that discuss the different types of coverage...like PPO, HMO, and Medicare. Geezus....can it get any easier? I'm psyched because it's all the things I already know =)

The other class, Human Anatomy & Physiology II, starts later this month. I'm not so psyched about that one, lol. I love anatomy but it's sooo much work. I managed to make a B in A&P I in the spring. So, I'm hoping I can do the same this semester. I signed up for the 12 weeker course....16 week courses make me INSANE. It's toooooo long!

Well, that is all.

Wedding Plans!

I've been pretty busy working and making wedding plans. Good news is my mom is contributing way more than I ever anticipated. The date is May 15, 2009. It's a Friday night. Ricky and I have settled on the locations and put down deposits on them last week. My mom and I went and picked out the cake and put the deposit down on that. This past Saturday I got 4 of my 5 bridesmaids together and went dress shopping and were extremely successful! We found their dresses and mine! My mom bought my dress which was a lot more than I thought it would be. After all accessories are purchased, it will be about $2,000! We're in the process of deciding and and booking a band for the reception. My mom is booking the string quartet for the ceremony. We're gonna be talking with some caterers and florists this week. 

For a honeymoon, Ricky and I are thinking about this European cruise. We're torn between that and the Caribbean but definitely leaning towards Europe. I'm super psyched! I wasn't really thinking it would turn out to be such a big and fancy ordeal but I guess my dream of being a princess is definitely gonna come true that night! lol. We're also working on a guestlist. The ceremony and reception sites are pretty big so we're excited about being able to invite pretty much everyone we want to attend. 

It's getting exciting!

 Hope everyone's 4th was spectacular. Mine was made very special. Ricky and I woke up early and made breakfast together then went movie hopping. We came home and made cheeseburgers, I took a nap...then we went and saw fireworks at the Ponte Vedra Club. And that my friends, was when Ricky got down on one knee and proposed! During the fireworks! Awwwwww. The ring is so amazingly beautiful! No picture could do it justice.  It's just perfect. It's 2 carats, cushion cut, antique looking, and everything I dreamt of! It's sparkles so much that pictures don't look right, lol.

Well, now I gotta go dressed. We have a party at his aunt's house today and a lil engagement thing with my family for dinner!

My bi-monthly update.

Geez, I don't update this nearly as much as I did in the past! Let's see. Went to NYC a few weeks ago with Ricky's family. Bunches of fun.

Went to Kaesey's house last Thursday with Leah-Bia and Arielle and had BLT's and watched Biodome. Tried some cosmic hula hooping and played pin the tale on the donkey. FUN. Good times. 

I've been putting off getting new tires that I need pretty bad. I've got the money, I just don't wanna spend the time of actually going and doing that. I've got better things to do, lol. I seriously need to do that. 

I called out of work today. I'm tireddddd. I'll probably go in a lil later and make up the time during the week.

Ricky and I have been shopping for engagement rings. Yeah, so it's not a secret to me. He's shopping on his own but I've been helping him a bunch. We both like this one. Boo the link thing isn't working. http://www.tiffany.com/Engagement/Item.aspx?subCategoryid=1005. He actually says he has one picked out that he thinks I'll like....so....yeah. That's coming. Which isn't a surprise to anyone else I know since we've already been talking about the actual wedding like it's official anyways. We've got the location, date, and color scheme, preacher, photographer,and all that picked out. Last night we were researching possible honeymoons. I'm lost there. Should we do a luxury Honeymoon Suite on a luxury resort somewhere in the Caribbean or a 10-12 night European cruise? I'm not big into the whole Caribbean thing for a honeymoon but after seeing this..http://www.sandals.com/media/media.cfm?RESORT=gl&TYPE=THUMB&MAIN_IMAGE=gl-215.jpg  

Let's see...oh! And I bought Sissy and I's tickets for the New Kids on the Block reunion tour on November 1st! Sooooooo psyched!

Mar. 27th, 2008

I went to the doctor yesterday for my most recent issue. He put me on birth control....two pills a day instead of one. I knew it would suck because birth control always sucks especially the pills...and ESPECIALLY twice a day. I haven't really taken the pill since high school for those cysts I had and I lost weight because it made me nauseas with no appetite. I took my two pills last night before bed and woke up this morning nauseas. I didn't go to class. I finally woke up after Ricky went to work and decided I should go to the bathroom and see what happens. Sure enough I threw up a few times. What little was left of that lasagna from last night is gone. I HATE birth control. I go back to him next Wednesday and I will tell him that I don't want to take this crap. I'll take it for now so the initial issue will stop but once it does, I'm done. I'm still nauseas.....ughhh.