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My bi-monthly update.

Geez, I don't update this nearly as much as I did in the past! Let's see. Went to NYC a few weeks ago with Ricky's family. Bunches of fun.

Went to Kaesey's house last Thursday with Leah-Bia and Arielle and had BLT's and watched Biodome. Tried some cosmic hula hooping and played pin the tale on the donkey. FUN. Good times. 

I've been putting off getting new tires that I need pretty bad. I've got the money, I just don't wanna spend the time of actually going and doing that. I've got better things to do, lol. I seriously need to do that. 

I called out of work today. I'm tireddddd. I'll probably go in a lil later and make up the time during the week.

Ricky and I have been shopping for engagement rings. Yeah, so it's not a secret to me. He's shopping on his own but I've been helping him a bunch. We both like this one. Boo the link thing isn't working. http://www.tiffany.com/Engagement/Item.aspx?subCategoryid=1005. He actually says he has one picked out that he thinks I'll like....so....yeah. That's coming. Which isn't a surprise to anyone else I know since we've already been talking about the actual wedding like it's official anyways. We've got the location, date, and color scheme, preacher, photographer,and all that picked out. Last night we were researching possible honeymoons. I'm lost there. Should we do a luxury Honeymoon Suite on a luxury resort somewhere in the Caribbean or a 10-12 night European cruise? I'm not big into the whole Caribbean thing for a honeymoon but after seeing this..http://www.sandals.com/media/media.cfm?RESORT=gl&TYPE=THUMB&MAIN_IMAGE=gl-215.jpg  

Let's see...oh! And I bought Sissy and I's tickets for the New Kids on the Block reunion tour on November 1st! Sooooooo psyched!

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