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Wedding Plans!

I've been pretty busy working and making wedding plans. Good news is my mom is contributing way more than I ever anticipated. The date is May 15, 2009. It's a Friday night. Ricky and I have settled on the locations and put down deposits on them last week. My mom and I went and picked out the cake and put the deposit down on that. This past Saturday I got 4 of my 5 bridesmaids together and went dress shopping and were extremely successful! We found their dresses and mine! My mom bought my dress which was a lot more than I thought it would be. After all accessories are purchased, it will be about $2,000! We're in the process of deciding and and booking a band for the reception. My mom is booking the string quartet for the ceremony. We're gonna be talking with some caterers and florists this week. 

For a honeymoon, Ricky and I are thinking about this European cruise. We're torn between that and the Caribbean but definitely leaning towards Europe. I'm super psyched! I wasn't really thinking it would turn out to be such a big and fancy ordeal but I guess my dream of being a princess is definitely gonna come true that night! lol. We're also working on a guestlist. The ceremony and reception sites are pretty big so we're excited about being able to invite pretty much everyone we want to attend. 

It's getting exciting!

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