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Holy geez, it's been FOREVER since I posted on here.

First entry since being married! Yay!

Not much going on. Actually, there's a ton. Just nothing worth writing about. But, I'll just throw out my complete miserable-ness of going to work. I hate it. I've been at BCBSF for five years this December and as much as I hate it and want something new, I am scared to death of leaving. I love the flexibility of working the hours I want but I hate it sooo much. And, will I ever find such awesome benefits anywhere else?  Or anywhere near the same pay? Probably not. Guess I should stay through the end of the year though so they can reimburse me for my classes this upcoming semester. I say eff it. I'll go back to school and work towards an AA in education. Then, in a couple years, when I have a baby and am a stay at home mom...I'll work for the B.A. in Education or English. Not sure if I'd do elementary or secondary teaching but it seems like something I'd like and not to mention those summers off! I believe I'll be almost halfway done with the AA after this semester.

Other than that. I got nothin'.

While I'm mentioning having a kid, Ricky and I have previously agreed upon starting to try to conceive in the fall of 2010....so one more year.  I've been attempting to lose weight since after the wedding so I can be pre-baby ready. I don't wanna get pregnant when I'm huge and then everyone think I'm fat lol. I wanna be clearlyyyyy pregnant. Cute lil bump and all. And, losing weight might help me ovulate. Something I don't do now. I doubt I ever will without science stepping in since I didn't when I was skinnier yearssss ago. I'm down to a size 12 pretty much so this is the smallest I've been since I was 19. That's something. I wanna be at a 10 by March and possibly an 8 by next summer but I'll settle for a 10...that's what I was in high school. The 8 is just a bonus.

Ricky's been going back to school at UF for his second master's degree. This one is in science & entrepreneurship. He's always wanted to start his own business and hopes to complete that by his graduation next August. He also has his 30th birthday coming up in November so I'm thinking of things to do for that.

That is all for now.

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