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Good to be home!

I  already typed this once and I lost it!

We went to Miami this weekend for Ricky's cousin's wedding. His cousin, Lori, married the Raiders kicker, Sebastian Janikowski. We also rented our last townhouse from them. They're super nice peeps. Since he's in the NFL I dont think it needs to be said how great the wedding was. It was at the Biltmore which is like....awesome.

While at the "cocktail hour", Ricky and I were describing what our wedding would be like to his mom. The whole comfy wedding on the beach where the guests and groomsmen wear khakis and flip flops and the reception at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club on the outside deck at sunset. Anyways, it was all good until the reception started and Lori danced with her dad to some country song "I Loved Her First". I contained myself pretty well until the lyric "From the first time I saw you with her, it was only a matter of time". I remembered talking to my dad one night after meeting Ricky while he was putting gas in my car and he told me that he thought Ricky was "the one" and how happy he was for us. When my mom drove by and asked what we were talking about my dad just looked at her and said "nothing, father/daughter stuff". It got to me since we were just talking about our wedding and I guess talking about it all then hearing that made me re-realize that I won't have my daddy to walk me down the aisle, give me away, or dance with me. Anyways, I was bawling.

Ricky looked over at me and was like "You wanna go to the bathroom with me?". He took me outside the room and hugged me, held my hand, asked if I was alright and told me that he looked over at me and saw me crying and then he started crying. Awww. He's so sweet and I know he will be when it comes time for our wedding because it's truly going to be one of the most difficult things for me to handle. I'm gonna cry so much. It took me forever to calm myself down the other night. Once we got back to the party, I sat down and looked at Ricky and said "I'm ready for my alcohol now!" as I chugged my glass of champagne and asked the waiter guy for some wine. Ricky went to the bar and got my second glass ready for me. I didn't drink before that point because the drinks were so strong but after that song....I felt like drinking an entire bottle of vodka like after my dad's funeral. I lost count of the glasses of wine and champagne consumed. Well, since I have class @ 8:30 tomorrow morning.....I leave you with the song that made me lose it.


55 days more days til the cruise!

I've decided to do the whole RN thing. I only need a few more classes before I can apply for the program. If everything goes accordingly I can apply in the fall for a spring admission...summer at the latest. That's if I can keep my GPA up. It's currently a 3.5 so we'll see. I know it's a really stressful field and sucks and all that but I think it's the smartest degree for me. I can see how I like it and if it's terrible, I'll work one year and apply for a position at BlueCross. They require one year of clinical experience. On top of the health and insurance experience I already have...I could make $45,000/yr minimum at BlueCross with my two year RN degree and one year clinical experience. After a couple years I can get my BSN if I choose to. Ricky and I have talked about how I plan on having kids by the time I finish my A.S. so perhaps I can find the time to get my BSN after I have my first baby. Not to mention, since Ricky's brother is starting medical school this year and will be a doctor, I'll definitely find work. Either in his office or one of his doctor friends' office or something.

Ricky still hasn't heard back about the job he had an interview for a couple weeks ago which is odd. He MUST me a final candidate or something. It'd be soooo great if he got it though. It pays about $50,000. He has another interview this week for a position that pays about $55,000. I'm crossing my fingers for him!

Me and Kaesey paid for our cruise! It departs from Ft. Lauderdale on May 3rd for 6 days/5 nights. We'll be going to Georgetown, Grand Caymans and Cozumel, Mexico!  Cannot wait! I'll have my last final on May 1st then I'll be out, lol! My classes for summer start on June 2nd, so I'm SOOOOO looking forward to my month vacation! Ricky's family might even have a Disney trip at the end of May instead of a New York trip which sounds FAN-flipping-tastic to me!  I'm so excited. I'm ready to get this semester over with...from now on..I'm gonna take 8 or 12 week classes. This whole 16 week thing is exhausting!

Hell fuck yes!

 I cant frickin wait until May. Me and Kaesey are gonna take a cruise to the Keys and to Cozamel, Mexico. It's gonna be frickin greattttt. Also, I'm going to New York City with Ricky and his family! Pretty awesome. Can't wait. This gives me some good motivation to work my ass off this semester.  I want my $1,000 back in May too!

Holy gees

 Okay, so for the first time in two years I've spent a lil more money than I should have. I went to the outlets in St. Augustine at midnight Friday with Sissy, Ricky, and some friends. It was a lot of fun..and eventhough I didn't really buy that much, I bought more than I should have knowing I didn't work the overtime that I told myself I should have worked for this exact moment. When we got back to Jacksonville at 5:30am, my sis and I went to the Avenues mall. When I returned home I was minus $200 and tireddd. I bought:

1. A new pair of jeans at the Gap Outlet. They weren't even on sale...but for $42, I needed some new jeans.
2. A sweater and new khakis from the Ralph Lauren outlet.....both totaling $84. Pretty good considering the sweater was originally $100, I got it for $40. The khakis were $60 but I got them for $40 also.
3. New Fossil sunglasses, originally $35. I bought them for $10.
4. New Reefs. Mine were white, now they're all dirty. So, I got a nice pair of brown ones for $22. 

I'm so broke. I haven't been this broke in years, it's quite depressing. Unlike before, though, I'm not completely broke. I have money in other accounts that I've managed to move around to cover me. But, I've promised myself that I will work some fucking overtime and re-pay myself. I really wanna work the overtime but when you have a choice...it's hard to not stay in bed. But, I swear to God I will be waking up early tomorrow so I can work over 8 hours. 

The girl from my algebra class called me and left a voicemail today. I can't get over the fact that she actually said "I'm really bad at math , but Mrs. McLeod says you're really good at math." Haha, seriously, for me to be good at math....it amazes me what I can do when I put my mind to it. I hope all of my math classes are a breeze from now on.  So, I guess I'll be meeting with her this week and tutoring her. My dad would get a laugh outta this. I wish he were able to see it.

Hell fuck yes!

I got a voicemail from my algebra professor yesterday morning. She said she wanted to talk to me but it was nothing bad. So, I worry all day thinking I was like failing or something...although I've gotten A's on all my tests.  When I got to school today she said she'd talk to me after class. Turns out, I had the highest grade in the class on the test last week. A 100%! Wooo! She got her gradebook and came and sat next to me and told me that I'm doing extremely well in the class, to the point where she wants to elect me to tutor a girl that is struggling with some of the lessons. Whatever the difference in the girl's score from the last test to the next test would be given to me on my test! So, if she made a 70 last week but I study with her and help her and she makes a 90 next week....I get 20 points added to my test! Sweeeet. I love my teacher. She's really nice. I'm glad I took her. I've already been signed up to take her next semester for my next algebra class. 

It's the first time in my life that math is easy and fun for me. I understand the material. I guess since I'm older and have a want to learn it. Before, I always told myself I was terrible at math and settled for C's and D's, but now I get it and will only settle for A's and B's. Sucks though since I don't think this class counts toward my GPA. I have a 3.5 now but if it counted and I got an A, it'd bring me up to a 3.75 and 4.0 for this semester and I would be back on the College President's list. Bitches better watch out...next semester...I'm so there. 

I'm deciding what college I wanna transfer to when I'm done in spring '09. I'm signed up to go to UNF for Health Administration but I'm seriously considering transfering to UF for a degree in Health Science. Health Administration is business courses whereas Health Science is more anatomy and psychology classes which interest me a lot more. I guess I'll think about it for the next few months. Ricky and I would most likely look for jobs down there and move there in a couple years if I choose UF. 

blah blah blah

 I love Perez Hilton. I cannot get enough....perezhilton.com is my crack cocaine. He had Jose Vanders on his site today...a musician. She's awesome. Everyone should check out her myspace if you like pretty piano music with simple yet beautiful lyrics =) Listen to "Faces Going Places" first. 

It's been a WHILE since I posted anything. Let's see....what has happened? Last month was a year since Daddy died. Still can't believe it and I can't imagine when I ever will be able to. Especially, since engagement and marriage has been a constant topic lately. I told Ricky how much my dad loved him. He says he really liked my dad too and told me how sad he was when he died. I'm gonna be a wreck on my wedding day without having him walk me down the aisle. Besides, just being emotional in general....I definitely won't be wearing much eye makeup. 

Ricky and I have talked about taking a trip to New York City for Christmas or for our 2 year anniversary in a couple weeks, just us. But, since we're going with his family to Hawaii for almost two weeks next summer....we need to save as much money and time off as possible. And we have a BIG wedding to attend in Miami in March. His cousin and her fiancee, an NFL kicker, are tying the knot and it's sure to be a kickass event. We're staying an entire week there for that. Fun. I need to get a pretty dress! 

Ricky is back in school pursuing a technical certificate. 

I really wanted to go to the Dave Matthews concert in West Palm this past weekend, but...didn't. I want to go soooo bad. Next time, I guess. 

Hmm...what else....ahh..me and Kaesey hit up the arts and crafts store! I got a buncha paint but am waiting to become inspired. A girl's night out and/or in is to be scheduled!!! It shall be fabulous. 

'Tis all.

Except for these cute lyrics from Jose Vanders:

sitting on the m25
got a packet of gum and a boy by my side
windows rolled down to let the breeze in
cos it’s quite hot and summer is the season to feel alive

holding hands all day
makes ‘em quite clammy but its all ok
cos he makes me smile he makes me happy
telling me i’m a beautiful girl
the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world

i don’t know if i’m just lucky
to have found a person that understands me
when i say pick me apart
and uncover my heart
its yours

walking round theme parks is well fun
when you’ve got the company of that special someone
to go on all the rides
but still be by your side
when that roller coaster looks a bit too high

steal glasses from the 4-d show
hide them in our jumpers and see how far we go
put them on in the photo on nemesis inferno
cos we’re cool

I think I will keep my major Health Information Management and apply at Mayo Clinic when I'm done to be a Tumor Registrar. I would basically be assisting other professionals and the State of Florida in the research of cancer....or something like that. It pays well and I can do it with a 2 year degree and all of my combined work experience. Sounds good to me. AND BlueCross will pay for all of my school this way =) Not to mention, I would love to feel like my work means something...and after experiencing the wrath of cancer with Daddy...it would definitely have meaning for ME.
So, to expedite the process I've signed up for a Chemistry class this semester in addition to algebra. Taking this one class now means I can graduate almost if not a WHOLE year earlier than if I took it in the Spring! Yay. So, yeah...2010....I will graduate FCCJ...if I can get the money to pay for the additional 2 classes a semester. BlueCross only pays for 2 classes a semester and I wanna take 3-4 classes/semester.  I make too much money to get any grants/scholarships. All the ones I see, you have to make less than $30,000/yr. It's like saying...If you're doing well for yourself, you can pay for your own school. I don't think it's like that...I think if the state or whatever it is helps one person they should help another. I need help too!
After looking on Ed White's website and seeing that most of the teachers are like...my age or even younger, I'm seriously considering changing my degree to an A.A.. I'm currently going for an A.S. in Health Information Management which would align wonderfully with my career in the health field but having summers and christmas vacation off and what not...really appeals to me.

I'd be the cool English teacher who doesn't care about much, just do the work and don't bother me or anyone else...at least not on MY time. Assign some books to read, make up some quizzes, watch some movies, give out some homework. Sounds simple enough. Anyone remember Mr. Dailey....I wanna be the Mr. Dailey of the English Dept. So, I think I may get an A.A. at FCCJ and transfer to UNF to get my B.A. in English....am I crazy?

Jul. 3rd, 2007

6 lbs lost so far since last Wednesday. Nice.
Glucophage sucks. The side effects are awful. Nausea and upset stomach. I can't eat anything with sugar and/or high fat because it makes me more sick. I've been eating turkey sandwiches with water for 3 days. I put some instant pudding in the fridge. It's Fat free and sugar free so we'll so how that goes. I'm sure I will lose weight like this.....I can't eat anything really good. I eat just not to get sick....and the food is nasty. I missed out on my mom's birthday dinner tonight cuz I was nauseas.....boo. That chicken caesar salad sounds good now. I haven't had sweet tea in DAYS....I think I'm dying =( I want some chocolate cake.....or a chocolate milkshake.....or SWEET TEA!!!